Technical Assistance

Our team of experienced and highly qualified professionals will serve as direct contacts to provide guidance, resources, technical support and consultations as needed. Our personalized support in areas that are most important and impactful to our affiliates is what sets us apart.

We will take the time to evaluate your organization, staff and community and will offer real guidance that will set you on a path to long term success. We specialize in these areas and more:

  • Board Development
  • Staff Development
  • Finance & Administration
  • Resource Development
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Facilities
  • Programs & Measurement


The World Federation of Youth Clubs, also hosts conferences, regional trainings and other events, of which we encourage your organization to be part of.

In addition to our continuous technical assistance and consultations, we offer a vast network of youth development professionals around the world, who will gladly share their best practices, challenges and resources. Many of our regional leaders have career long experience in youth development, have advanced degrees in respective fields and have encountered many of the challenges that you may be able to avoid or at least be prepared for.

Our regional leaders oftentimes host trainings and events, of which your organization can be part of.

Access to Resources

Our team is continuously working on identifying and securing resources either via donations or partnerships. Such resources are immediately made available to our International Associates. Such resources can come in the form or tangible items, such as books, sports clothing, equipment and more.

In addition, we seek to establish partnerships with funders, and our goal is to establish direct relationships with local associates who may benefit from a relationship with our partners/funders.

While the World Federation of Youth Clubs is not a funding source, in recent times, we have had the opportunity to secure funding that we also make available to our International Associates. Such funding has been passed through in the form of challenge Mini-grants, which are project based and are used to assist in making that leap to the next level in supporting more youth. The idea is that such funding will be used as last funding, but will also assist in leveraging and securing local support, for long term sustainability.

The bigger our network, the more we can serve.

Join Us today and be part of history, help us build the largest network of Youth Development Organizations in the world.