Clubs de Niños y Niñas de Centro America (Boys and Girls Clubs of Central America) offers effective programming, serves as a Training Center for Youth Development professionals in the region, and hold ourselves to the highest standards in all aspects of our operations. 

As an organization we pride ourselves in our partnerships, with organizations such as CONJUVE (Consejo Nacional de la Juventud), Universidad the San Carlos, Guatemala (USAC), develop new partnerships, obtain support from US volunteers, and participated in various service project opportunities.

Our corporate partnerships are also growing, including Tupperware Guatemala/Fiesta Imports. With these partnerships, we have been able to create a level of credibility that is quickly rising above others. 

An enhanced partnership with USAC will provide necessary volunteers who will serve as role models and leaders at different Club locations. A surprise visit by Rick Goings to one of our Clubs in Guatemala served as a motivation for many in our Club to continue the efforts and provide the best possible service to our members. Staff and children were inspired and pledged to look beyond their limitations and focus on a more positive and promising future. As a result of this visit, thanks to the Rick and Susan Goings Foundation, we were able to transport donations and a school bus that had been previously purchased. This made it possible for some of our Clubs to receive much needed program materials.

Tupperware Guatemala has formally committed to supporting CNNCA financially in order to assist with the Club closest to their Guatemalan headquarters. They have also provided needed items for our kitchen in our newest Club in Zona 11, in the Capital City.

Recently we received a group of students from the University of the Ozarks whom worked at one of our Clubs and were able to implement programming and engage the Club’s members and community. Through the University of the Ozarks visit, we were able to obtain commitment from two Rotaract Clubs to assist in donation activities throughout the year. We were fortunate to have two US interns at CNNCA, who assisted in managing several service projects and developing guides to better engage partners and assist our Clubs.

As an organization, committed to empowering and enhancing the communities we serve, we were able to participate in several service projects, which involved the Clubs’ members and the communities to enhance the livelihoods of its citizens and beautify their public spaces. These projects included planting trees at a public school and a park, assisting communities affected by volcanic eruptions, cleaning up communities, visiting homes for the elderly, and new adult programs. As is core to our organization’s mission, all of our efforts are mainly with the intention of a holistic benefit of communities.

Our Olympic Medalist

At our Clubs in Central America we strive to motivate our members to do the best that they can and this is a prime example of why we do what we do.
We are grateful to have the opportunity to know Sayra, a Club member with a kind heart and peaceful soul. We are rooting for her and her continued success!
May our members continue thriving and being an inspiration to us all!
Congratulations Club de Niños y Niñas de Mixco for a job well done!

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